Why you should become a UX UI Designer?

User experience (UX) Design improves the experience a user, or customer has with digital products such as apps or websites.

  • UX Design is one of the Top 5 most demanding skills in Freelancing and its demand will increase in next 5 years

  • In Pakistan, average salary of a UX UI Designer is from 50K to 300K. One of my studen taking 2.5 Lakh salary a month

  • You can also find a remote job and can earn upto $1000 a month by becoming a Product Designer

About me

Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz

Web UX Designer 15+ Years of Experience

Designing landing pages, Websites, and SAAS Web App Dashboards. An All in One Guru with more than 15 years of experience working for FORTUNE 500 firms including Coke, Panasonic, and Intel. Guest Speaker at LUMS UX Pakistan Conference and talked about Typography along with guiding Freelancers at Freelancers Meetup Gujranwala. Understanding Coding makes me a lethal weapon with the Masters of Design Guild. You can find me designing and developing landing pages, Web Apps and Gained a lot of expertise working with clients while freelancing, primarily from the USA, Australia, the UK, and the United Arab Emirates. My ultimate goal is to help newbies to this field of UI Design learn without hardship and to create more Awesome UI Designers. Really love reading books about UX Design, Design Thinking, Anxiety, and Productivity. Crazy about Niche Perfumes and Pure Oud Oils.